Bogdan and Herman are close friends. Herman is disabled. Bogdan tries to fill Herman's life with care and is very worried about him. He rolls him around the city at night, it is noticeable that Herman, an invalid, enjoys these hours. They once danced together, but now Herman misses all the dancing competitions. When Herman, a disabled person, is left alone at home, he is depressed and even with his dog he is unable to play. He finds a strange pink box with a strange book "Jacob Knight Rides a Rainbow" in it. He is not strong this time and he does not care. Waking up in the morning, he finds himself in a completely new, amazing place. He meets a strange man who repainted his entire room pink. Strange people and strange events are taking place in his house. This is the world of dancer Jacob Knight, where everyone dances as part of life, where everything happens in dance. Herman did not immediately find out that Jacob Knight was his friend Bogdan, who performed a miracle for him. After all, he once also danced like all of them! Herman with a disability recognizes the dancer as Jacob Knight, his friend Bogdan. The greatness of friendship is revealed. The guests leave and in a pink fog Herman thanks Bogdan for such a great friendship. Bogdan says – it's time for us to go and Herman gets up from the wheelchair. Let the viewer decide why. Because friendship works wonders all over the world where there is hope for health!_

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